Project Description

A Textbox for editing Html in a Windows Forms (.Net 2.0) application.
Users of this project are developers that need an end-user to edit a html fragment in a Windows based application.

Typical usage

See this as a advanced multiline-textbox, it is not intended for full blown html editing.

You will use this control in a (databound) form where the user needs some layout, like bold etc. Since the result is a html fragment, it will be easy to create a html report from it.

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I have created this project / control because I was unable to find a good and good looking control for use in a Windows Forms application that allowed me to edit Html.


Since this is only one control, using one .Dll, a real installtion is not provided. You simply download the binary, place a reference to in from Visual Studio, and start using it. More detail information can be found here.

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